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ParentVue Support

ParentVUE is a website that allows parents to view their child’s current and historical information, including daily attendance, grades, report cards, test scores, discipline, graduation status, college preparation, and more. It is also a one-stop location for links to other parent services including School Loop and MySchoolBucks (school meal accounts).

With one simple activation, parents can view information on all of their children, from elementary school to high school. Parents can also update emergency card information electronically, submit School of Choice applications, and request Summer School.

Please visit your school site for an Activation Key Letter.

Parent Login:
Support via email:

Q. How do I sign up for a ParentVUE account?

You will need an activation key to create your account. Go to the front office at your child’s school and present a photo ID to have an activation letter printed. Enter the first and last name and activation key as printed on the letter (if your name is misspelled in the letter or it has changed, let the office secretary or assistant know right away).

Q. My activation key is not working.


  • Verify that you are typing in your first and last name exactly as it is listed on the letter.
  • Check with the school office to verify that the activation key is correct.
  • Check with the school office to make sure you have Educational Rights to the student’s account.
  • If you have already activated your account in the past, do not get a new activation key. You will need to click on the “Forget your password?” link to retrieve your log in information.

Q. I forgot my password.

Click on the “Forget your password?” link and enter the email that you set up your account with. ParentVUE will send you an email with your log in information. If you do not receive this email, please email and request your password.

Q. I can’t see all my children in my account. How do I add more children?


  • If all of your children attend the same school, the school can link them for you.
  • If all of your children do not attend the same school, please email Include a list of all your children so that we can merge them all together on one account. On the list, include the student namesstudent birth dates, and school locations. We appreciate your patience as we are processing a very high volume of requests. If the matter is urgent, you can request a separate activation key from your school for the student that is missing.

Q. I am unable to make all the changes I need in Student Information such as phone numbers, emergency contacts, email addresses, etc.


  • If you are using Internet Explorer, please switch over to Mozilla Firefox ( There are software compatibility issues with Internet Explorer.
  • Any time you submit a change, the change will need to be approved by the school site before another change can be made. If you are timed out by the system, the changes are automatically submitted and have to be approved by the school first before making any more changes.
  • Address changes and primary email changes cannot be made through ParentVUE. This will need to be done at the school with proper Address Verification documents.



Security Policy

The Long Beach Unified School District has a responsibility to protect from disclosure to unauthorized parties the personally identifiable information (PII) of its website users.  Therefore, LBUSD has adopted and implemented a website security policy to outline practices followed to protect the account information of its website users.


Data Security

LBUSD takes security very seriously and has therefore taken every precaution to secure our student and parent information.  In order to secure your personally identifiable information, LBUSD has implemented several security measures to prevent loss, theft, or misuse of any student or parent data.

Features on the LBUSD website that involve the transfer of personally identifiable information require a secure connection first be established using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.  During a secure SSL session, data passed between users' computers and LBUSD's servers is secured through the use of public key cryptography. The users' computers exchange key information with LBUSD's computers to create private conversations that only the users' computers and LBUSD's systems understand. To benefit from this security and to use many of the features on the LBUSD site, users need to download a 128-bit enabled browser from Microsoft, Mozilla, or another software company.

When users send email messages to LBUSD, the return addresses may be used to respond to the inquiries. The content and addresses contained in the messages may be permanently recorded so they can be referenced in future communications between borrowers and LBUSD.  Email is not a secure means of transmitting information.  Do not use any personally identifiable information in email correspondence (such as your SSN).